Virus Games

Like in times of the inquisition

The current crisis is a cirsis of governments, a crisis despite all scientific progress - against progress at all - against humans and reason.

Openly we hear the admission that "politics should listen to scientists, but not follow them." (German broadcast on 29th of March).

If there are scientific results that contradict the cartells' and western media narative, the publishers are bought out or threatened.
Otherwise - how can we explain that even experts do not dare to admit the obvious about COVID-19 ?

Gene Sequencing points out that The US strains do not come from China. This was and is a game, in the best case a mistake.

Visit and read the stories they tell - while publishing real data.

What does this map seem to show*? A spread of something from China to the rest of the world?

Nonsense! This is how you mislead with data and "visualization". It's done to sustain a narrative.

Looking at the base of the data we can see that the Wuhan strains and the many US cases are not directly related.
They only have a common ancestor.

The only thing these "impressive" charts - especially presented as a movie - can show: The US slept!

Look at this chart! The red dots show samples (sequenced strains (patients)) that were found
in the USA.The blue dots in the upper path are the Chinese cases. They do NOT PRECEED the US infections.
They - this is what the sequence analysis shows - have exclusive treats (genes).

Looks also like the US infections came much later? They did not.
Watch closer! All is different from the media story.

The scale (boundaries) of the graph was chosen inadequately. It's misleading.
Such things do not happen "by chance". It's fraud.

There was a common ancestor! And this one is estimated to go back until about October 2019,
the time of the infamous "Event 201" in New York, a lot of time for the virus to travel to any country.. from where?

Before "Wuhan" went loud in the press, the US institutes refused to test for any "new virus". And later?
CDC refused to test anyone who did not come from China.

(*  is just a fantastic tool, created by scientists. It's in danger to become another toy of the crooks.)